As an update...

Hanno Schlichting wrote:
- configurable language negotiation based on a set of registered extractors
- extractors: browser language, cookie and URL segment

All good... :-)
(lemme know when it's ready ;-) )

(maybe member
property but this is probably impossible in pure Zope3 right now)

Well, this is something that each framework/project will probably do differently, but it'd be nice to be able to register just this rather than having to subclass and if-then-else the negotiation process...

- possibility to restrict allowed languages, so one can force sites into
English only mode or allow only a subset of available languages.

isn't that just a special type of negotiation?

- Automatic generation of Gettext mo files from all registered po files
on server start or explicit refresh.

I actually don't think this is a good idea anymore... the msgfmt tool provides lots of handy debugging info...

- if time permits implement a "tracker mode" (this is the PTS term,
Localizer has the same feature) which if turned on, collects and stores
all yet untranslated messages.

I'm working on this right now...

This is the half-hearted implementation of the INegotiator, as it is
even mentioned in the interface description. Right now there are two
interfaces IUserPreferredLanguages and ILanguageAvailability of whom
only the first one is used by the Negotiator, whose responsibility it
should be to negotiate between the preferred and available languages.

Indeed, I now have a translations class that implements ILanguageAvailability and ITranslationDomain as discussed in the other thread...



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