Hi Pete

I'm very interested in that subject but I can't find any time at the moment. We have planned to use the ZSI to embed OPC-DAXML-Server in a customer-application based on Zope 3. So maybe I can give you some feedback in one or two month but I have to establish the essential know how first...


Pete Taylor wrote:
Hi all,
I recently had reason to check out and use the soap product for Zope3.
I needed it to work with the 3.2 HTTPRequest/Response api (setResult
instead of self._body or setBody), so I made the changes I saw .  I
also wanted/needed it to work with the ZSI 2.0rc2 that's out now, so I
updated that as well.

I've created a branch:


which has my updates to soap/publisher.py.  All the tests still run
just fine, and I used the extant documentation to build my SOAPView,
so it seems to need no changes either.  I think it was  just the
publisher.  This being my first actual contribution though, I was
wondering if someone could go over the publisher.py in the branch, and
let me know if it looks alright, maybe offer suggestions if anything
doesn't make sense.

Thanks for any help!

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