while browsing the zope svn repository at http://svn.zope.org , I noticed
there are some packages that seem to be duplicated...

for example
  [Zope] / zope.formlib / trunk / src / zope / formlib
  [Zope] / Zope3 / trunk / src / zope / formlib

..or there is also a file package in 

  [Zope] / zope.file / trunk / src / zope / file
and another one in
  [Zope] / Zope3 / trunk / src / zope / app / file

is there a "repository overview" somewhere I can have a look at?
while the file-packges seem to be different, the formlib seems to be seem
package, only at different revisions.. (a dead branch?)

another question: is there a way to easily tell apart zope2 and zope3
packages (without having to look at the sources)?


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