Dieter Maurer writes:
 > Roy Mathew wrote at 2006-7-11 17:36 -0700:
 > >I have what seems to be an odd problem with persistence of information
 > >in simultaneous sessions.
 > >
 > >I keep track of an iterator in an object that is persistent (one
 > >instance per-session). The iterator is updated as the user navigates a
 > >sequence of objects. The iteration seems to work fine for a single user.
 > >
 > >If 2 users A and B access the system simultaneously, each users
 > >navigation is occasionally thrown off (ie: the session seems to lose
 > >track of the iterator state).
 > Iterators can get seriously confused then the object iterated over
 > changes.

Thanks for your reply. Not sure really that the object itself is
changing in my case - I keep a list of names (ordered) of elements
belonging to a folder, and my iterator simply holds the "current" name.
I do modify the object pointed to, in each iteration, but I assume
that the elements of a BTreeContainer remain ordered (by name).
Besides iteration/modification works for a single user. I was wondering
if anyone could suggest techniques for debugging this sort of problem.

In any case, after reading thru the docs, I see strong recommendations 
about not using the session to store rapidly changing values, so I am 
going to switch to using cookies instead - maybe that will fix the issue,
though I would have really liked to understand what was happening in
the first place.


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