we've been trying to migrate a Zope 3.2 application to Zope 3.3 this week. We stumbled over a few small things due to incorrect usage of APIs in Zope 3.2, which was easy to fix.

We found two major problems though, regarding the generations that evolve a Zope 3.2 database to Zope 3.3.

Our application works fine in Zope 3.3 if you re-initialize it there. However, it severely breaks when migrating an existing database from Zope 3.2.

We have put in two bugs that include minimal examples of ZODBs created in Zope 3.2 that fail the migration to Zope 3.3.

I think those issues are pretty critical and just wanted to raise awareness for them. (I tried getting a fix for the first issue, but I only got half the way :/, haven't had time to look into the second problem.)

Here are the collector links:


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