Hi Jim,

> I'd like to get rid of the PAU prefix and simply require that 
> authenticator plugins provide system-wide unique ids.  This 
> can be done by providing suitable prefixes on each plugin.

+1, but I see some problem...

> I suggest that, for 3.4, we get rid of the PAU prefix option 
> and provide a generation evolution script that, for PAUs with 
> non-empty prefixes, just prepends their prefixes to their 
> plugin prefixes and clears their prefixes.  I'm sorely 
> tempted to do this for 3.3.

I think this is not posible. What if you have a PAU with two 
authenticator plugins in it. Then you can't delegate the prefix 
from the PAU to both authenticator durring a generation and 
provide a unique plugin prefix on authenticator level.
Roger Ineichen

> Thoughts?
> Jim

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