On Jul 31, 2006, at 11:30 AM, Roger Ineichen wrote:

I suggest that, for 3.4, we get rid of the PAU prefix option
and provide a generation evolution script that, for PAUs with
non-empty prefixes, just prepends their prefixes to their
plugin prefixes and clears their prefixes.  I'm sorely
tempted to do this for 3.3.

I think this is not posible. What if you have a PAU with two
authenticator plugins in it. Then you can't delegate the prefix
from the PAU to both authenticator durring a generation and
provide a unique plugin prefix on authenticator level.

I said prepend the PAU prefix to each plugin's prefix.  The plugin's
prefixes would already have provided uniqueness within the PAU.
Prepending the PAU's prefix would simply duplicate what is being done
now at run time.


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