Benji York wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> I suggest that, for 3.4, we get rid of the PAU prefix option and 
>> provide a generation evolution script that, for PAUs with non-empty 
>> prefixes, just prepends their prefixes to their plugin prefixes and 
>> clears their prefixes.  I'm sorely tempted to do this for 3.3.
>> Thoughts?
> If we cancel the June (hah!) release and requeue 3.3 for the November
> release, then 3.3 would be back open for features (hopefully only a few
> though).


We can't just postpone a release every time we're slipping the deadline.
Sure, we're slipping badly, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't make an
effort to close this chapter now. AFAIK there are only three critical
Zope 3.3 bugs. What we need is a bug day and everyone (incl. me) getting
off their butts and fix those bugs.

If you ask me, the slipping of the Zope 3 June release is mostly due to
the lack of a release manager. If we had a release manager who'd kick
people's asses, we might have more betas since the first one and we
might even have a final release.

Let's have a bug day this Friday.

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