On 10 Aug 2006, at 19:39, Bernd Dorn wrote:
On 10.08.2006, at 19:09, Florent Guillaume wrote:
On 10 Aug 2006, at 18:28, Bernd Dorn wrote:

  initial import of the z3c.extfile package

Does this package tie into the transaction manager? I couldn't see any reference to transactions.

short answer - no

files are stored based on their sha digest, so it does not matter if the transaction fails after the file is saved, because we do not have to delete it immediatly.

concurrency is also possible, because when the file is commited, it is moved to its final location, if another process uploads the same file and the same file exists (hash), it gets silently deleted, because a file only has to exist one time on the system.

i plan to implement some kind of pack mechanism, which searches for such properties in the zodb and then deletes all files which are not used anymore

IMHO it would be better and more efficient to register a data manger with the transaction when a file operation is done, and cleanup when the transaction commits/aborts.
But then I'm not the one coding this :)


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