Jim Fulton wrote:
>> I see what I can do this weekend. I'll look into 673 and see whether I
>> can make sense of 683.
> Christian seems to have a handle on this.

Then why is this issue unassigned? If Theuni is taking all the bugs, I
can just relax and work on my book this weekend yes? Seriously,
Christian, which ones you wanna work on?

> He blames it on broken logic in mkzopeinstance.

Yeah. Here's what it does::

   zope_init = os.path.abspath(zope.__file__)
   software_home = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(zope_init))

I wonder what a better way would be to find software_home. Asking where
zope.app is?

> (I'm confident that eggs will clean up a lot of this.  I'm looking
> forward to eggifying 3.4. :))
>> Actually, talking about 683: I once noticed that Zope 3 is declaring
>> 'zope' as a namespace package the setuputils way where as Zope 2 does it
>> the pkg_util way. I wonder which one is the one we should stick with?
> I've been meaning to ask Phillip Eby about that.  I'm curious why he
> wrote his thing given pkg_util.

Until we get an answer from him, how about Fred's suggestion?


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