Fred Drake wrote:
On 8/14/06, Jürgen Kartnaller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
It definitely doesn't obsolete the existing implementation.
DCProperty is the other way around.

DCProperty allows access to DC meta data via simple properties.

I agree that these should co-exist.  I'm not sure just what motivated
DCProperty, but it's clearly different from the partial adapter.  The
motivation for theh partial adapter was that for some content, some of
the data fields correspond directly to DC elements.  For those, we
wanted the DC adapter to use the fields instead of storing the
information outside the object.

When defining our content types we almost always end up with properties which are already defined in Dublin Core. Also the Dublin Core implementation of Zope 3 gives us a lot of meta data for free. Dublin Core has the advantage that the access to common information is standardized but it is not as easy to access DC meta data as it is to access a simple property of the content type. So we decided to have the advantage of Dublin Core and the advantage of simple property access in one.


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