Benji York wrote:
Stephan Richter wrote:
In fact, the repository has many components checked in that have other licenses including the GPL. As long as it is clearly marked and documented, there is no problem.

That's seems to me to be an over-simplification, but I'd like to hear what the ZF board has to say on the issue.

[not an official board decision or anything, just an opinion]

The ZF board may not have anything directly to say about this issue right now, as the code strictly speaking is still governed by the previous contributor's agreement until the repository is explicitly transferred to the governance of the ZF (we're actively working on making this transfer happen).

It's definitely not that case that it's okay to check in GPL-ed code as long as it's clearly marked and documented, if that is what Stephan means. Zope Corporation has been doing so, but that's because they got "special dispensation" (from themselves :). The current (non-Zope Foundation) contributor's agreement says:

License Terms. Code committed to the Zope source repository ( Committed Code ) must be governed by the Zope Public License (ZPL) or another license acceptable to both Zope Corporation and the Open Source Initiative. Committer will verify that Committed Code contains the text of another license acceptable to both Zope Corporation and the Open Source Initiative. Until Zope Corporation declares in writing a license other than the ZPL, only the ZPL shall be used.

To me that looks like only ZPL-ed code is currently allowed. The ZF's contributor agreement is more strict and explicitly disallows code with licenses with a copyleft provision such as the GPL.

Anyway, nothing is said about dependency on GPL-ed code. That's a different debate. It's strictly not against rules, but it does mean one expectation is broken: one might want to expect that all code in the repository is freely usable without having to worry about GPL-provisions. This is not the case for code that depends on GPL-ed code. Even though this may be already a grey area for other reasons, it still makes sense to think about the intent and people's expectations when checking in a codebase.



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