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Anyway, nothing is said about dependency on GPL-ed code. That's a
different debate. It's strictly not against rules, but it does mean one
expectation is broken: one might want to expect that all code in the
repository is freely usable without having to worry about GPL-provisions.
This is not the case for code that depends on GPL-ed code. Even though
this may be already a grey area for other reasons, it still makes sense
to think about the intent and people's expectations when checking in a

I don't see any grey area. The purpose of cvs|svn.zope.org is to be a repos
for ZPLed software and the contributor agreement makes this purpose clear. But it was never the task of the repos to enforce a particular license - the ZPL - when building software with/on-top parts taken from svn|cvs.zope.org. It is up to the individual developers to take the software and use it under
the terms of the ZPL.


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