Gary Poster wrote:

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On Aug 16, 2006, at 10:03 AM, Martijn Faassen wrote:

And at this moment in time, Zope Corporation as far as I understand is not bound by the same contributor's agreement we are. It's their repository. This will change once the ZF starts managing the repository.

I think you might be right about the ZC situation, Martijn. That said, I certainly did not intend to abuse the privilege, if such exists.

I meant to imply no abuse of privilege. It's ZC's repository, and ZC has an extremely good track record overall. Let's not worry about that.

I think ZC will be quite willing (though understandably disappointed) to remove zope.html from the repository if requested by the ZF.

I hope the ZF won't be requesting this! :)

I think this discussion brought to light that we should carefully consider what happens with such non-ZPL code in the repository when this codebase gets contributed to the ZF. (besides the other issue of code that is ZPL but depends on GPL-ed code)


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