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Andreas Jung wrote:

> --On 17. August 2006 01:11:44 -0400 Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
>> The appropriate thing here would be to remove the code which depends on
>> the GPL, and then ask the foundation's permission before readding it.
>> In the meanwhile, codespeak.net might provide a reasonable place from
>> which to continue development of said code.
> That's extremly odd. Consider the following case: I am writing a ZPLed
> Zope product but include some migration shell scripts that call some
> common GPLed unix programs for a particular task...I wouldn't be allowed
> to checkin this
> software on svn.zope.org? The advice to move the code out of the
> repository is not really legitimate. Neither rules as given through the
> contributor agreement nor unspoken rules were violated. Once again:
> using GPLed software does not make your own ZPLed software automatically
> GPLed.

Some folks (many of those who release Python software under the GPL)
believe that 'from foo import bar' triggers the provisions of the GPL,
arguing by similarity with the somewhat-equivalent operation which
occurs when including / linking code in a C / C++ application.  These
same folks would *not* argue that invoking a separately-compiled GPL
application, and then consuming its output (or relying on its side
effects) triggers the GPL on the invoking application.

In the realm of copyright law, such authors' "intent" about the use of
their code might actually be pertinent if the issue is ever tried in
court.  In the meanwhile, the code in question exposes others beyond the
author (those who incorporate the ZPL-but-dependent-on-a-GPL-module code
in their own applications) to a risk of being the guinea pig who gets to
pay to prove the point in court.  I consider such needle^h^h^h^h^h^hrisk
sharing to be inappropriate within the Zope repository.  I say this as a
Zope developer / ZF member, who is *not* a ZF board member;  the
foundation's IP policy is more easily construed to support such a
position, as well.

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