Lennart Regebro wrote:
> I'd like to throw a stick in the fire by taking up a completely
> different issue:
> The amount of top level modules and repositories. :-)
> if lovely.rating depends on schooltool.something, not only does this
> mean any usage of lovely.rating (which I imagine I would like to use)
> also needs one module form schooltool. In addition, we have whatever
> top level module I choose to use. That involves three different
> repositories, mine, zopes and schooltools, and three new toplevel
> modules.

What's the problem with top level packages?

> If I then throw in more modules that have more external dependencies,
> this will quickly mushroom. For example, I'd like to use ratings and
> tags with zblog. That means I need to involve the codespeak repository
> as well, and zblog has it's own top level module. And then I want a
> discussion forum (I don't think one of those exists) which presumably
> would have another top level module, and maybe another repository, and
> maybe more dependencies.

I don't understand how this is a problem. The TurboGears guys use stuff
from all over the Cheeseshop, they don't seem to have a problem with this...

And like Bernd says, it's gonna be a lot less of an issue if and when
all these things are available as eggs, even if they're only development
eggs (IOW checkouts as eggs).

> So, what I'm saying is, that I would like to minimize the amount of
> top level domains,

Why? Top level packages are just names, hence the term "namespace

> and external repository dependecies in the zope repo.

Well documented dependencies are ok. I'd rather depend on something
external than track vendor imports, like we currently do with pytz and


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