Benji York wrote:
> Fred Drake wrote:
>> - The Python Package Index (PyPI) has framework categories.  I thought
>> Jim had requested one for Zope 3, but I see only Paste and TurboGears
>> in the currently published list.  We can get the appropriate category
>> added to PyPI and use that for browsing the available Zope 3 component
>> offerings.  This would also make Zope 3 activity visible to the rest
>> of the Python community.
> +1

I'm +1 too, but I'm against naming this category Zope 3. I would just
call it Zope. Two reasons:

- Lots of things can be and *are* used in Zope 2. Nearly all Zope 3 core
packages (e.g. zope.formlib) also apply to Zope 2. Other projects
specifically build software that can and will be used in both platforms,
typically with a teeny bit of glue code on top to mix in SimpleItems for
Zope 2. So, the boundary between Zope 2 and Zope 3 is slowly being
greyed out.

- It's not all about Zope *3*. I think we should also encourage authors
of Zope 2 "products" to load up their things to the Cheeseshop. There
used to be a central place for these, Now there isn't anymore
since got so enormously complicated. Having Zope 2 "products"
in the Cheeseshop will bring back this central registry of Zope
software. And now you can even easy_install it!


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