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Zope Software Certification Process

I wrote a lengthy proposal in February and March. The public thread starts

I'll admit I've only looked very briefly at the documentation you've
produced so far.

My initial reaction is strongly based on the use of the word
"Certification".  That tells me this involves evaluation and judgement
of software, not just tools that allow me to locate software that may
be interesting.

I'm not saying that such evaluation isn't valuable, but... it's a big
jump to go from a finding tool to packaged evaluation criteria.  This
discussion seems to be largely concerned with finding tools.  I think
it's perfectly reasonable to have multiple finding tools, each with
their own policies for inclusion.

I think there's also an important distinction between a certification
process and tools which help automate the process.  I hope these are
clearly delineated in your documentation; I'll keep an eye out for
that the next time I've time to look at those.


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