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Christian Theune wrote:
Florian Lindner wrote:
Am Sonntag, 20. August 2006 06:11 schrieb Christian Theune:

you might try a look at the recently released zc.async which allows you
to leverage twisted asynchronous handling together with persistent
objects (as far as I know right now, haven't looked at it personally

First off, thanks to everyone for looking and talking about zc.async already. I have not announced the new collection of zc.* releases for a few remaining cleanup reasons (and because I'm mostly away from the 'net till Wednesday). When I do, zc.async will be clarified as alpha software--working, exciting, pretty-well-tested software, but software that is still under significant development (a bit farther than zc.relationship was when we released that, but similar in that they both were released while still in-flight to stable).

I've overflown the readme and it looks rather complicated compared
with the Zope2 clock server which is pretty straightforward.

I'm sorry to hear it looks complicated--at least to use. A significant design goal is to have this a lot easier to use and set up than zasync was (not a difficult goal, sadly). In any case, once I announce beta, I certainly would appreciate feedback on what could be made easier to use. "[queue].put(callable)" is a common-case spelling to get something done, so I'm hopeful that it will be easier than perhaps it seemed. The docs will hopefully be significantly improved by then as well.

That said, the clock server is undeniably simpler in architecture and design. For a number of use cases, I imagine some folks will find it a nicer solution to use. zc.async has a different set of primary use cases, and arguably covers some hard cases that other solutions don't contemplate.

Well, it's not exactly the same use case and it's more generic AFAIU.

 *and* it requires that you run Twisted.

True. Mostly. ;-) You could run public-facing app servers on ZServer, and worker servers connected with ZEO running Twisted. But yeah, a worker currently needs to run Twisted.

That said, the new design can support a different worker/engine pair implementation without replacing too much. An optional Medusa-based worker/engine pair probably would be relatively easy, and would verify and enforce the factoring I want for the design. It might only support thread-based jobs, rather than reactor jobs. After beta, when I'll request more feedback, if folks are actively interested in a Medusa engine for zc.async, they can probably convince me to write it if they convince me they are serious about using it.

Anyway, thanks again for the press. ;-) I'll introduce/announce the new stuff late this week. I wish I had time to do eggs/zc.buildout/ PyPI stuff by then, but that will hopefully come eventually.

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