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I assume I found the problem with the ObjectCopier. The ObjectCopier
calls checkObject before copying the object with locationCopy. So I get
in my NameChooser the original object not the copy.


Egon Frerich schrieb am 2006-08-23 01:41:

> I put some minimal files together and uploaded them to the Collector so
> that the problem should be more clear.
> Some remarks about the IRC log (2006-08-17):
> "
>>> faassen     so that if he changes something in the original, it also 
>>> changes in the copy, or vice versa"
> I do not change something in the original so there is no change in the
> copy. Let me explain what had happen.
> The object name in a container should be the same as the value in a
> datafield. If you add an object the NameChooser takes the value from
> this datafield.
> If you want to copy an object in the ZMI the copy must have another
> object name because the names in a container must be unambigous. So the
> NameChooser find a new name. The solution is to supplement the object
> name with a prefix. In my solution this is the prefix "Copy". If the
> original object has the object name "kitchen" the copy gets the name
> "Copykitchen". An as the name of the object should be the same as the
> value of the datafield (from which the object name originally comes) the
> datafield in the copy is changed from the NameChooser accordlingly. So
> in the datafield von object "Copykitchen" we find the value
> "Copykitchen". That is correct. The change in this datafield doesn't
> happened manually. It happens by the NameChooser.
>>> philiKON    his logic in the namechooser seems bogus too
> Can you please be more specific?
> Egon
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> Betreff: [Z3d] 562/ 3 Reject "ObjectCopier must copy not reference the
> object"
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> Issue #562 Update (Reject) "ObjectCopier must copy not reference the object"
>  Status Rejected, community/issue critical
> To followup, visit:
>   http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope3-dev/562
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> = Reject - Entry #3 by faassen on Aug 17, 2006 7:46 am
>  Status: Pending => Rejected
> I'm not sure I understand the report fully. The claim is that no copy is
> made by the ObjectCopier but references are made only. This is not true
> for the ObjectCopier - it does make copies (though in some cases it will
> make references if there is a reference in the object to an object in
> another location).
> It's possible something special happens in case of the use of the object
> name. More details are needed here.
> For the time being, I'm going to reject this issue, but please
> give us a more detailed description about what's going on first.
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> = Request - Entry #1 by Frerich on Mar 3, 2006 5:14 pm
> In my application one of the contenttype datafields should be the
> objectname in the container. With a subclass of NameChooser I managed to
> add content objects into the container with an objectname which is
> identical with a name in a datafield.
> In the container view it is possible to select id(s) for copying and
> then to paste the selected objects into the same or into another container.
> If the objectname of a pasted object is already in the container the
> UserError "The given name is already being used" is triggered. Therefore
> I programmed in the NameChooser:
>     def chooseName(self, name, object):
>         name = object.RaumName
>         try:
>             self.checkName(name, object)
>         except UserError, e:
>             if str(e) == "The given name is already being used":
>                 object.RaumName = u"Copy" + object.RaumName
>                 self.chooseName('', object)
>                 name = object.RaumName
>                 return name
>         return name
> So we get unambiguous objectnames for the container (maybe
> "CopyCopyObject").
> And the datafield in the object (here: RaumName) is synchronized with
> the objectname.
> Since the ObjectCopier doesn't create a real copy but references only
> the object the datafield is changed in two objects: in the *original*
> object and the copied object. And the content of datafield in the
> original object (something with "Copy") is different from the objectname
> (without "Copy").
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