Michael Kerrin wrote:
> I have just added a new implemation of WebDAV to svn.zope.org for people to 
> play with. Has I said in the checkin message - it contains support for all 
> WebDAV methods including LOCK and UNLOCK, and all the properites defined in 
> draft-ietf-webdav-rfc2518bis-15.txt. It also contains a new mechanism for 
> specifing the properties defined on a resource.
> I never tested it on anything but linux (with only the konqueror and cadaver 
> clients at that) so any news on how it fairs on anything else is much 
> appreciated for those who do try to use it.

You rock!

I see it uses ElementTree and/or compatibles to parse the XML--nice! I
also see that it uses zope.locking for the locking. How is that
different from zope.app.locking? Is zope.app.locking actually maintained
or just another case for the fall cleaning?

I can't wait to see this in Zope 3. I never would've thought that the
WebDAV story might improve in Zope 3.

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