I think the fix has some steps in it:

* first, delegate everything to a IErrorReportingUtility and let it log to SiteError as well. The SiteError logging policy is not operative anymore.

* it turns out the current IErrorReportingUtility does have some form of filtering policy - it filters out UnAuthorized. A *different* policy than for SiteError, of course. I believe that the SiteError doesn't do this, and it's very useful to be able to debug this. :)

* then, rewrite IErrorReportingUtility so it has a sensible policy, taking the best of the SiteError logging policy with the best of the current IErrorReporingUtility policy. We make a simple one that's globally registered and does the Right Thing for what you'd want to see in the SiteError log.

* Perhaps we'll make a more fancy one that can be configured for the ZMI.



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