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What name should I use, I have seen a lot of talk on this but never really
followed any of the threads to the end. If you say use X I will. I don't want
to start another thread on this.

I think the name is fine.  There are packages under zope that don't
get checked out as core, too, so no need to change it.  Ignore the
namespace packages arguments, those are decoys.

Exactly. If you need a feature that is only in lxml, just importing lxml is
probable the right thing to do.


I think a wrapper that understands what versions of ElementTree might
be available and that implement the basic ElementTree API makes sense.
With the introduction of xml.etree in Python 2.5, the number of
possible spellings goes up yet again.  Moving all the import cruft to
a single place makes sense.

I will note that Zope 3 doesn't even come close to being happy with
Python 2.5.  I don't have time to work on that, and a number of
discussions are probably needed to work everything out.  I should
start a wiki page with notes on what needs to change, but that's a
separate discussion.


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