Roger Ineichen wrote at 2006-8-25 18:27 +0200:
> ...
>The reason why;
>We really have no time to do this in the next couple of 
>month. And the option sombody else doing it is also *NO*
>option because we have allready productive projects build
>on this libraries and have no time to migrate them for 
>nothing. Yes renaming the z3c namspace whould technicaly 
>possible, but for me(us) it's just a waist of time right 
>now. Could be that I will change my mind in the future
>but not in the next couple of months.

I have no opinion on namespaces (especially, whether or not
"z3c" should be renamed).

But technically, it would be extremely easy:

  If nothing else would change than the top level name,
  then a single module alias (e.g. "sys.modules['z3c'] = zorg")
  would suffice to let all existing software work as before.

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