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Jim Fulton wrote:
On Aug 24, 2006, at 7:32 AM, Christian Theune wrote:

ZODB with Blobs uses zope.proxy. Recently I discovered that due to a refactoring, the semantics of a proxy have significantly changed and a new concept of a "decorator" was born.
I don't know what you mean. The concept of decorator is not new and I'm not aware that zope.proxy was changed in any way recently to support it. The only thing that changed
was that descriptors in proxies are treated a little differently.

Well. I think we included zope.proxy on the original sprint, which is quite a while ago already, so the change might have happened in the last 18 months.

The concept of decorators is much older than that. zope.decorator used to be zope.app.decorator.


So, the todo list for this would be:

- remove copies of descriptors from zope.app.container
- move the DecoratorSpecificationDescriptoor to zope.interface

No, zope.proxy.

- move the DecoratorSecuritycheckerDescriptor to zope.security
- remove decorator base class
- remove zope.decorator

Each of the named steps requires a deprecation period.



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