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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Christian Theune wrote:
>> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>>> Christian Theune wrote:
>>>> see subject. What's the reason that all three flavours (still?)
>>>> exist? I
>>>>  just had a really hard time finding the spelling I need.
>>> ztapi.provideUtility(interface, component) is discouraged and should go
>>> away. I didn't do this for Zope 3.3 because of a lack of time.
>>> zope.component.provideUtility(component, interface=optional) is a
>>> convenience spelling for:
>>>   zope.component.getGlobalSiteManager().registerUtility(
>>>       component, interface=optional).
>>> The order of arguments is the same. I think Jim wants the convenience
>>> functions in zope.component (provide*) to go away in favor of the
>>> explicit spelling through the global site manager. I think that before
>>> we do that, we should first abolish the term "site manager" from the
>>> zope.component API (because we don't call it site manager anymore).
>> Hmm. Hmm. zope.component.provide* is *very* convenient. What would the
>> new spelling be?
> Look two paragraphs above:
>>>   zope.component.getGlobalSiteManager().registerUtility(
>>>       component, interface=optional).

Ouch, sorry for beeing stupid there. Should have read that.

>> Isn't the global site manager something else then zope.component?
> No. The global site manager (we prefer to call it global component
> registry nowadays) is defined in zope.component. It is always htere.
>> Because zope.component uses the current thread-local site-manager,
>> depending on what was set during traversal etc., isn't it?
> Nope. zope.component knows nothing about thread-local site managers.
> That's zope.app.component (which hooks its knowledge of thread-local
> site managers into zope.component).

So why does zope.component.getUtility return local utilities then?


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