Dieter Maurer wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote at 2006-9-4 16:49 +0200:
I for one prefer exceptions over manual error handling. And I prefer straight-forward APIs over unnecessarily complicated constructs.

But you probably would not prefer if these "straight-forward APIs"
were continously changing.
I prefer a slightly suboptimal stable API over one that is
optimized in each version in a non backward compatible way.

Backwards incompatible changes are bad, I absolutely agree. I don't think we've done many BBB incompatible changes in the past, though, thanks to the "checkin" police who's watching over checkins and the tests. We *did* have changes that generated deprecation warnings. But that's something else.

I do see the gain of moving out general purpose functions from
"" into "zope". But, I would do it in a backward
compatible way -- even when "" then contains quite
a few trivial packages redirecting to the relocated packages.

This is how we did it. The packages remain in for the time being, just pointing to the zope packages via deferred imports. Of course, the deferred imports generate deprecation warnings when executed.


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