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I was interessted in Zope3 at the early beginning, at still revisit it
each half a year!


>>> tests. We *did* have changes that generated deprecation warnings. But
>>> that's something else.
>> Not really, that for me is a non-backwards-compatible change, 'cos it
>> requires me to rethink and recode, if not now then at some point in the 
>> future...

Me too!

That's a real problem for me too! Each time I revisit Zope3, it has
changed very dramaticly! Old code, I wrote for learning Zope3 didn't
work at all, I have do relearn Zope3 for new!

And I realy don't know, what I would think, if I had Zope3 in use on a
productiv system? Schould I really change all packages each half a
year to reflect changes in Zope3?

Don't get me wronge, Zope3 is realy great, it has many good ideas, a
clean design, IMHO it is the best application server out there. But
it still changes to much to be usefull for smaller companies, or even
people like me, for someone just want to use it for hobby! I would not
consider the API as stable! Two much changes! Shure, they all make
things better, but it isn't stable!

Sorry! Just my two cents!


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