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> Marcus J. Ertl wrote:
> I think you're over-dramatizing. Nearly all of the code in the example
> application of my book still works with Zope 3.2, so it can't be that bad.

Hmm, for the simple things, it's still good, right. But much of the
"trickier things", not mentioned in the book, aren't that good!

Perhabs it's silly me, forgetting to much of what I have learned
before? But each version of Zope I try give me the feeling of starting
from a new!

> No, only if you want to upgrade to newer Zope versions.

I think of upgrading as a "must" on public reachable systems, because
of security fixes. Maybe there are no at the moment, but when they
come, upgrades must go fast and smooth. Without recoding.

> Wow, that's a lot of exclamation marks.

Oh, sorry! Don't want do call out loud!

> You make it sound like we change every single bit of Zope 3 in every 
> release. We all know that's not the case. Applications that use Zope 3
> components such as Plone 2.5, for example, work both with Zope X3 3.0 
> packages and Zope 3.2 packages. So again, it can't be that bad.

Then, I must have done something wrong.

But if I look at the changelogs, all the ZCML-Changes, and API
changes, it can't be that few. If I want to get on a state without any
deprecation warnings, I have more to do then I like.

It's very good to see, Zope3 ist developing, but now it's time, to get
it stable too!

Perhabs I'm not the right audience for Zope3? I'm working for a small
company, doing the web stuff is just an unimportant part of my work.
So each change I have to do is one to much. I would even love to use
Zope for my privat homepage. But it's hobby, there's not much time
to do even small changes. For larger environments (like Lexware)
this may be no problem, there is time and money for incooperating
changes in homemade packages.


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