Christian Theune wrote:
What's your experience with updating your Zope 3 projects, Chris?

I'll also jump in here: We had to try twice to upgrading a commercial
project based on Zope 3.2 when using the 3.3 beta1, because so much
stuff was actually broken in the release.

As you suggest yourself, those problems were due to the beta status of the release. You can't blame these (packaging) bugs in Zope 3.3 on the deprecation process. And I agree that we should've made a beta2 much earlier; though you guys also could've simply used a checkout ot do the upgrading, like Martijn seems to have done.

Beta2 took probably about one to two days to get all developers up to
speed, make their code work and write generations.

As Martijn said, generations seem to suggest you changed the data schema of your application as well. That can't be attributed to Zope's deprecation policy.

So I'd probably estimate that the cost of upgrading was about 2-3k EUR
for this one project (including the overhead of learning about the new

I wonder what's there to "learn". If the deprecation warnings aren't clear enough, there's clearly something wrong with them. I tried really hard to make the warnings self-explanatory, so if they're missing something, please tell me so we can fix that.

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