On Thu, 2006-07-09 at 08:06 +0100, Chris Withers wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
> > Just to give some real data on this from someone who actually spent time 
> > updating applications: the churn is there, but it's not like this causes 
> > absolutely massive amounts of work, and the deprecation warnings are 
> > usually pretty helpful.
> OK.
> > What's your experience with updating your Zope 3 projects, Chris?
> I don't have any, reason being that this constant churn has scared me 
> off trying to use Zope 3 for anything "real". That said, since the churn 
> is invading Zope two now, I'm slowly being forced to deal with it.
> Yeah, it's probably ok if you have a team of very experienced Zope 
> deveopers who work on the codebase all the time, but what about smaller 
> projects which get developed and then may not have any work done on them 
> for a couple of years. If you want to track security releases, for 
> example, then the customer has to find someone to make all the necessary 
> changes so the code can track recent releases.

My experience so far... after not having touched a project for over a
year and than the client wanting some work done, they usually expect to
have to pay to have it upgraded.  In the event they don't want to invest
in an upgrade, they end up paying a bunch to have newer software
backported.  Which is fine for me because I can barely remember what I
did 1 year ago anyhow.

- Rocky

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