Florent Xicluna wrote:
Log message for revision 70047:
  Make deprecated packages zope.app.layers and zope.app.skins optional.
  By the way, a zcml feature 'deprecatedlayers' is added.

Hi Florent,

has there been a proposal for this change? Changes that might affect backward compability should be discussed before implemetented. I for one am questioning...

a) the usefulness of this change (the layer code is going to go away soon anyways)

b) potential problems with backward compatibility (it seems that the deprecatedlayers feature needs to be turned on to get backward compatibility)

I also see you've been committing and reverting this change more than once. Our checkin policy is that all unit and functional tests must pass. For invasive changes such as this one, it is also always a good idea to test Zope startup as well.

Either way, I think we should discuss this change first.

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