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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> I agree in principle.  In practice, I'm not sure we have enough
>> maintainers to get a release out, let alone maintain two previous
>> release branches. :(   We need more volunteers.

The marginal effort to do the bugfix correctly (i.e., first on the
release branch, then forward-porting to any beta branch and the trunk)
is not that big.  If we can't get our volunteers to do that, then maybe
we need to quit pretending that Zope3 is or ever will be "production
ready."  Without such a practice (which Zope2 has had since before
community checkins), how can we expect anybody to take Zope3 seriously?

>> If we want to maintain releases for a year, I suspect we need to
>> release once a year.

Backporting a fix from the current release branch (3.2, in the current
case, since we still haven't released 3.3) to older release branches is
more iffy to me:  I would say that we should only mandate that bugfixers
consider it for "critical" or security-related bugs: they may, if they
wish, backport, other fixes, but we make no committment that there will
ever be a subsequent release from that branch.

> I did Zope 3.2.1 mostly because some formlib fixes were needed in Zope
> 2.9. I'm prepared to do more Zope 3.2.x releases as they are necessary.
> People just need to backport their fixes.
> That they haven't done this is also partially the fault of the "checkin
> police" (which I count myself a member of ;)). I'll be more attentive in
> the future. I'm prepared to do this mercilessly (also for older
> bugfixes), the question is whether we shall adopt this policy now or not.

I'm already on record in favor. ;)

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