On Sep 11, 2006, at 5:22 PM, Florent Xicluna wrote:

Florent wrote:

I propose to patch the 'trunk' in order to allow removing of these packages.
Here are the  proposed changes:
- catch 'ImportError' when we make use of zope.app.skins
- introduce ZCML feature 'deprecatedlayers' which is 'on' by default
  and can be disabled
- add a 'zcml:condition="have deprecatedlayers"' on each <layer> directive

Below is the tested patch.

-- Florent

Hi Florent. Thanks for this work. While I agree with Benji that it would be great if you could direct your general efforts in the direction of eggs, I think that the changes you list here look quite reasonable. I also think that the goal of making these packages more independent fits in quite nicely with the egg-ification efforts.

+1 for this to go in the trunk. Hopefully this will spur someone else to give your patch an evaluation.

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