Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Anyway, if the Gnome project can do time-based releases *on the date* we should be able to do it too.

I bet the Gnome project has members who are actually paid to do this kind of release management, though.

They probably have more resources than we have. Then again, a typical Gnome release consists of the release of *many* different projects, and I doubt that those releases are all done by people paid to do so. The coordination overhead of Gnome is a lot higher too, as well.

That doesn't mean we should postpone a final release over and over again, just because we don't have the resources. In fact, because we don't have the resources, we should release a final anyway and catch up with bugs in, well, bugfix releases :).

Yes, the whole idea is that we never will have enough resources, so we just make do with what we have. The other idea is that it's easier to garner resources when you actually have a release in sight. I *think* the latter has been working at least to some extent for Zope, but we risk losing our credibility if it doesn't actually result in a release. You get the "Oh well, I'll participate in the bug day next week." effect.



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