Benji York wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:
What do you think about a 9 month release cycle?

If we can't manage a 6 month cycle, 9 months is the longest release cycle I think is acceptable.

Agreed. I'd like to avoid longer than 9 months too.

Personally I think we should just release the trunk every six months (with a list of known bugs) and that be it. (I'm speaking of Zope 3 here, I don't know enough about the dynamics of the Zope 2 ecosystem to comment there.)

I think that this is an edge case of time-based releasing: the absolute minimal work we need to do to make a time-based release is to release the trunk. Hopefully we'll be doing more than the minimal amount of work, and we'll actually fix some bugs before we release the trunk. A release can be a good opportunity to fix lingering bugs, after all.

Of course with eggification of Zope 3, 'releasing the trunk' is going to be less meaningful in the future...



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