Hanno Schlichting wrote at 2006-9-11 23:18 +0200:
> ...
>> Yes. We don't have a Hanno for Zope 3.
>And even if there would be someone willing to do this job, a good
>understanding of most of the internals would be a prerequisite, as
>merging something which you do not understand is indeed potentially
>extremely harmful. The number of people that have a deep understanding
>of most internals of Zope3 is fairly limited and I think their time is
>better spent on fixing the bugs in the first place.

I am merging Zope modifications into our locally maintained Zope version
since about 1998. Lots of merges took place without me even knowing
that something happened and without any need to understand things.

Of course, there have been occational problems and then I had
to get local understanding to fix things.

In the Zope3 forward porting case, we can instead ask the fix
author to do the port instead.

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