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Jim Fulton wrote:
>> I know. So Martijn and I both stepped forward a small bit on this. So we
>> need some conflict resolution. :)
> Let Martijn do 3.3.1. Why don't you do 3.4.

Actually dividing that job up to different people, maybe on a kind of
rotation, sounds like a good plan. What do you think? I'd be more than
happy to take over a release every now and then. This has multiple

- more people will know how this works
- it's easier to get people in and out
- nobody has to commit for a very long time.

>>> I'd be happy to come up with a minimal list, but I'm sure you'll think
>>> of tasks I won't.
>> That would be nice. I'm putting up a todo for myself to come up with
>> tasks, I'll also investigate if we have any material on zope.org that
>> already describes this.
> I think that the making a release information is pretty good, as far as
> it goes.

I'll read that again. I'm more interested in the stuff that should be
done before the release.


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