Andreas Jung wrote:
I am thinking since one hour about how to reply to Benji's proposal. It's
not much acceptable. Major release have to be planned to a certain degree and must be tested (as good as we can) - means we must have alpha and beta

I wasn't proposing we do away with alphas or betas. More concretely: I was simply wondering aloud about doing "true" time-based releases. On a certain date we cut the first alpha, on a certain date we cut the first beta, etc.. Of course, there must be /some/ flexibility to deal with ultra-critical bugs, but we already do something similar with how we treat release candidates.

I believe that the trunk is good enough to produce a release at (almost) any given time. If bugs are known and unfixed when we do a release, we document them (they likely already exist in the previous released version, so we're not doing any harm there).

Again, this is all from my Zope 3 perspective, I'm not immersed in the Zope 2 world, so these ideas may not be applicable there.
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