I'm starting to have lots of schemas around. They are mostly for
view/add/edit forms, based on the entity (content object's) schema.
That means they mostly have the same fields with mostly the same
Adding field to a schema is piece of cake. Subclass the original, add
the field, but... field order breaks.
Modifying a field's property by subclassing does not work, changing
some property of the derived schema's field changes the original
Deleting a field does not work.
Renaming a field...

To still be able to use the widget&form framwork I keep adding a hell
lot of redundant information. E.g. to make a field readonly, I have to
copy the schema, change that only one field's property. I hope I won't
miss the copy next time.

So the big question is: how to solve the above things? Anybody done
that already? Any ideas? Any pointers?

PS: sorry of the mail without subject gets through, the network here
is breaking down

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