Dear Zope3-dev community,

As you know, the Open Source Software (OSS) phenomenon is gaining
momentum and is increasingly viewed as an alternative to traditional
software development. Indeed, OSS projects have generated some of the
most sophisticated development in computer technology (Such as Apache,
Linux and PHP) and have become present in large technology firms such
as IBM and Sun that have become major supporters of this phenomenon.

In such context, decision makers at different levels and in a variety
of fields, including professionals, researchers and teachers need
access to the most current information about the concepts, issues,
trends and technologies of this emerging phenomenon.

To meet this need, currently we are in the process of editing a book
entitled "Successful OSS Project Design and Implementation:
Requirements, Tools, Social Designs, Reward Structures and
Coordination Methods" that will provide comprehensive coverage and
definitions of the most important issues, concepts, trends and
technologies in OSS. This important new publication will be
distributed worldwide among academic and professional institutions and
will be instrumental in providing professionals, researchers,
scholars, and students with access to the latest knowledge related to

To ensure that this publication has the most current and relevant
coverage of all topics related to OSS, we are asking both
professionals involved in these projects and scholars, well-known for
their particular area of research, to contribute short articles of
3,500-5,000 words on any of the following topics:
OSS trends and foundations, OSS development, OSS Selection, OSS cases
and applications.

We would like to invite you to consider submitting on any of the above
topics for this upcoming book by submitting a proposal (two
single-spaced pages) description of your proposed topic to me or to
one of the book editors no later than October 31, 2006.  You will then
have until February 15, 2007 to prepare your full submission
(3,500-5,000 words in length). Further details concerning the call for
chapter proposals and the book details can be found at
All submitted articles will undergo a blind, peer-review process upon
its receipt.

Please forward your proposal to Belbaly Nassim at n.belbaly @, or one of other editors Benbya Hind at: h.benbya
@ and RĂ©gis Messonnier rmeissonier @
the book editors, at no later than October 31, 2006. You will be
notified about the status of your proposed topics by November 15,
2006. This book is tentatively scheduled for publishing by Gower
Publishing Limited, in Winter 2007.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if I can be of any
assistance, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards,

Nassim Aissa Belbaly
Associate Professor of Information systems
GSCM-Montpellier  Sup de Co Group
Tel :+33(4) 67 10 25 16
Fax:+ 33(4) 67 45 13 56
e-mail : n.belbaly @
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