The SVN tag names are bit confusing an inconsistent.

The tagname for the ZODB release used for Zope 3.3.0rc1 is '3.7-Zope-3.3.0rc1'. Since we want to use the same release for Zope 2.10.0rc1 I don't like that Zope 3.3 appears within in the tag name. I would appreciate it if we could stick with the same naming schema as in the past for ZODB (without X Zope specific information).

The Zope 3.3.0rc1 tag is '3.3.0c1'. The ZODB tag uses 'rc' and I would appreciate if we could use either 'c' for the release candidate or 'rc' but not both and not mixed for the same version. My personal preference is 'rc'.


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