I just wanted to functionally test an XML-RPC view and saw that
currently those requests are hand crafted using http().

Wolfgang and I came up with a special transport for
xmlrpclib.ServerProxy as a wrapper to http() so you can use

  >>> from zope.app.testing.xmlrpc import ServerProxy
  >>> proxy = ServerProxy("http://mgr:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/")
  >>> proxy.xy

to do functional testing of XML-RPC views in Zope 3 now.

I changed the publisher xmlrpc tests to use this utility now. This has
two meanings

1) Those tests now both test the XML-RPC testing utility and the publisher
2) Those tests now have a bit different semantics: Instead of comparing
exact request strings for the XML-RPC message the tests now test whether
the xmlrpclib is able to talk to the view.

I'd like some feedback on this change before checking this in to the trunk.


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