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Tuesday, September 19, 2006, 12:08:20 PM, you wrote:

>> Update -> Final is guarded by "review_result == 'accepted'"
>> Update -> Issue is guarded by "transitionName == 'update_issue'"
>> Update -> Review is guarded by "transitionName == 'update_review'"

RI> Is this (Update ->> Final) not a end transaction?
RI> Do you mean that the end transaction concept istn't correct
RI> working?

Taken the above example,
if review_result == 'rejected' and
transitionName == 'final'
when I fire workItemFinished in the workflow application neither
condition is true. That makes zope.wfmc think that there are no
outgoing transitions and proceeds to the finishes the process.

The example is bad for this, because if there would be some activities
after "Final" they would be skipped and the whole process would be

Hope that makes the picture clear.

RI> Sorry, I don't know. but I agree that it should be a difference
RI> if we finsih a transaction with a Fslse or True guard.

I'm trying to get some answers at
http://www.workflow-research.de/Forums , which should be an official
forum for WFMC.

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 Groszer Adam
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