Tres Seaver wrote:
How should I do things such that they can do that?
I'm just wondering whether you really need the disabling feature.

I've wanted it.

Okay :).

My major beef with the way we are *using* ZCML now is
that we expect package authors to provide policy-laden configuration for
their packages ("sensible defaults") but provide no means for the admin
to reuse that configuration selectively;  their only realy choice is to
*copy* the configuration and edit it.


I argued *long* ago (after the first ZC-internal Zope3 sprint, I think)
that the '<include>' directive should be allowed to be complex, with
subelements like '<except>' or '<only>' to pull in specific directives.
 Such a practice would require either that we have XPath support
available, or else that we come up with a way to mark the directives
(e.g., a 'zcml:id' attribute).

Well, we already sort of that this marking with "features" + zcml:condition. But <except> and <only> could be more powerful wrt packages, modules, or even classes and interfaces.

It would *also* require that we
implement the "no side-effects during parsing" policy (my other favorite
"dead horse" in arguments about ZCML's implementation / usage).

Yup. I think there are very little side effects currently. I can't think of one off of the top of my head, to be honest (but I'm sure there are).

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