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> Hi Roger,
> Tuesday, September 19, 2006, 12:08:20 PM, you wrote:
> >> Update -> Final is guarded by "review_result == 'accepted'"
> >> Update -> Issue is guarded by "transitionName == 'update_issue'"
> >> Update -> Review is guarded by "transitionName == 'update_review'"
> RI> Is this (Update ->> Final) not a end transaction?
> RI> Do you mean that the end transaction concept istn't 
> correct working?
> Taken the above example,
> if review_result == 'rejected' and
> transitionName == 'final'
> when I fire workItemFinished in the workflow application 
> neither condition is true. That makes zope.wfmc think that 
> there are no outgoing transitions and proceeds to the 
> finishes the process.
> The example is bad for this, because if there would be some 
> activities after "Final" they would be skipped and the whole 
> process would be finished.
> Hope that makes the picture clear.

Yes, but this sounds not good to me.

> RI> Sorry, I don't know. but I agree that it should be a 
> difference if 
> RI> we finsih a transaction with a Fslse or True guard.
> I'm trying to get some answers at
> http://www.workflow-research.de/Forums , which should be an 
> official forum for WFMC.

Hope you get a better answer there then from me.
I'm not sure what the behavior should be.

- should you not offer the transistion for 
  processing in such a usecase
  (but what if this is a automatic transition?)

- Should you catch this usecase with a error message 
  like you said before

- Or should you let pass the trasnistion to the 
  end because this is a miss configuration

I really don't know what the recommended way should
be, but you could make sure catching this usecase and 
implement a kind of fallback transition and do something
what you need to do and avoid to get processed to the end.
This could probably be a workarround which makes it 
working without implementing a error message.

Roger Ineichen

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