Wolfgang Schnerring wrote:

I just refactored zope.decorator into zope.proxy.decorator and
zope.security.decorator as discussed in

Contrary to that discussion, Theuni and I thought that the
*DecoratorBase classes are actually useful because they provide an
abstraction from the internal names such as __providedBy__.

Yup, probably true. Though the question is how often you'd need a decorating proxy like that...

However, when I tried to refactor zope.location.location.LocationProxy
to use said base classes, it broke the functional tests for
zope.app.apidoc.introspector -- for reasons I totally don't

A traceback would be nice to see here. Otherwise it'd be hard for the rest of us to help you :).

Question: Should the base classes be removed or should the apidoc be
fixed to cope with them?

Probably both :)
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