Wolfgang Schnerring wrote:
* Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2006-09-22 10:01]:
However, when I tried to refactor zope.location.location.LocationProxy
to use said base classes, it broke the functional tests for
zope.app.apidoc.introspector -- for reasons I totally don't
A traceback would be nice to see here. Otherwise it'd be hard for the rest of us to help you :).

Yup, and I actually meant to include this link in my original mail
(which happened because I ran all tests, refactored it, and only ran
the tests of the modules I touched before checking in. *sigh*)

I briefly looked at the test failure. THis issue requires more digging. Fact is, if tests are failing, you should revert your revision. You can still check it in, but on a branch. Refactorings like this one don't warrant breaking the trunk.

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