Baiju M wrote:
On 9/22/06, Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Finally, I'm experimenting with using launchpad for bugs:

and feature requests:

So far this is working OK. I haven't really stressed it. Launchpad
makes this very easy to set up and I don't think they are allergic to
having us create lots of projects.

Let's move Zope3 issue collector to launchpad?
(Once this discussion came to ZF list, I think there were more +1)

Before we move any issue collectors to launchpad, we need a bit more experience with the launchpad issue tracker and its capabilities. I'm also wonder whether launchpad has good issue export facilities in case we want to move to another system.

With Tres, I think we should also explore options like Trac. I personally think Trac has attractive features in the way it integrates the development process into things like an issue tracker.


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