Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Listen, we were over this.

Apparently, some of us are not ;-)
(and the problems caused by having two repositories for the same piece of software keep emerging!)

I wrote whole proposal about this months ago already [1] and it was disputed heavily.

Right, but from what I remember, this was mainly from the Zope 3 crowd, who need beating with a reality stick every so often ;-)

doesn't want to go this way. I can tell you we'll have a hard time with the Zope 5 vision already (which I think is the most sensible one at this point).

What I'd like to see:

- common code base
- zope 3 server/publisher/etc components
- zope 2 server/publisher/etc components

Of course, it'd be great to if they were all interchangeable.

Now, if all of zope 3 existing in lib/python/zope (in Zope 2 world) what problems would there by for Zope 3 purists other than a bit of a loss of disk space?

Also, put differently, what makes using "pure zope 3" compelling over "using zope 3 components in Zope 2"?



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